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✨Unlock Your INNER MAGIC✨

I created the Manifest Magic Power Pack (with lots of love) to help you get started - or to reconnect you with the magic you know is there but have struggled to connect with.

To help you release that resistance and move confidently towards your big goals and dreams.

This collection of guided hypnosis and meditation sessions will not only lead you to a state of deep relaxation but also to inner alignment, putting you in the perfect mindset and emotional position to manifest the life you've always dreamed of.

The Manifest Magic Power Pack includes:

🌟 Inner Magic Mindful Journey (25 min): Immerse yourself in this enchanting mindfulness meditation session that will transport you to a place of inner tranquility. Discover the magic of the present moment and tap into your inner wisdom, peace, and guidance.

🌟 Quantum Chakra Healing & Alignment Hypnosis (47 min): Embark on a mystical journey of energy center alignment, where you'll cleanse, balance, and heal your seven chakras. Experience the profound rejuvenation of your energy flow as you harmonize with the universe and unlock the power within.

🌟 Instant Bliss Autogenic Training (8 min): Experience instant relaxation and profound well-being with this guided hypnosis session. Discover the power of autogenic training, a technique that combines relaxation, visualization, and self-suggestion to release stress, tension, and anxiety, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Plus, you'll receive these bonuses for your inner magic journey:

🌟 BONUS #1: Manifest Magic Guide + Journal Prompts: Discover how to use these audios to unlock your inner magic manifestation powers with this guide and a collection of thought-provoking journal prompts. Dive deep into self-reflection, clarify your desires, and unleash your manifesting potential.

🌟 BONUS #2: LAW OF ATTRACTION - Hypnosis to Manifest Your Dream Life (24 min): Harness the power of the Law of Attraction and become a magnet for the life you desire. This transformative hypnosis session will guide you in aligning your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations with your dreams, opening the doors to unlimited possibilities.

Are you ready to embark on this magical journey of self-discovery, transformation, and manifestation? Grab your Manifest Magic Power Pack today for just $7.77 and unlock the extraordinary power within you.

Ready to Awaken Your Inner Magic and Manifest Your Dreams?

You have big dreams and beautiful goals for your life, but maybe it feels like something within you is blocking your way forward.

You know you want MORE, but you're just not sure how to get there...

One thing is true - your mind is just doing its best you in the same place. After all, it’s done a good job of keeping you going in one direction, right?

But now you know it’s time for a change, and you’re ready to…

✔️Get to the root of the issue and release what’s been holding you back.
✔️Take action on your big dreams and beautiful goals.
✔️Unlock your own inner clarity, so you can move forward with confidence.

And while other people might be telling you to do more, to try harder, to take more and more action, to hustle harder...

I'm about to tell you that in order to manifest your big dreams...
You've got to do something which seems counterintuitive (but only at first)...

Consider this...

You've probably spent a lot of time trying to make stuff happen in your life, right?

But I wonder - how many times have you been stopped by some kind of resistance?

You know, like that time someone told you it's impossible, and you believed them?
Or that time you tried it one way, then another, then got frustrated and gave up?
Or you saw someone else beat you to an idea and told yourself it's useless, so why bother?

Ever have a big vision for your future, only to stop yourself in the next breath with all the reasons why you shouldn't or couldn't or absolutely can't?

What if all those reasons you told yourself in the past that you couldn't...
...Could become every reason you absolutely can?
...Absolutely MUST?

What If I Told You...

...that when you release inner resistance, you will watch your life unfold in a new way?

I was always a creative, witchy, magical person deep down, but along the way, I lost my special little spark. Crippled by negative thought loops and stressed-out, burnt-out overwhelm... I kept going around in circles, feeling like maybe I would never “get to live a happy life.”

That maybe I would never "get to" experience words like...

💥 Confident
💥 Powerful
💥 Fulfilled
💥 Playful
💥 Vibrant

But I knew deep down, I really did want a BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY LIFE…
I just didn’t know HOW to get there.

My health sucked. I hated my body and how I felt in it… And in my quest to try to “feel better,” made it worse with all the addictive things I could get my hands on. My career? What’s that? I just need to pay the bills and buy cigarettes and ramen, right? My relationship choices left me feeling high and dry and disconnected.

Over and over again.

I guess I was alive...
But not really living.

I was resisting my own purpose in life, my own happiness, my own fulfillment.

Then I Discovered My INNER MAGIC, And Everything Changed...

And the only way I could connect with my INNER MAGIC was by letting go of resistance to myself and relaxing into my own personal power.

And as soon as I let go of that resistance, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

✔️My relationship to food became one of nourishing my body, rather than numbing out pain.
✔️My relationship to exercise became one of joyous movement and physical expression, rather than a chore.
✔️My relationships with others became more fulfilling and genuine, rather than filled with neediness, negativity, or doubt.
✔️My relationship to the universe around me opened me up to possibility and a sense of wonder and magic and curiosity.

And now not only do I feel beautiful, happy, vibrant, radiant, and very much alive inside and out, but…

Every day more and more, I feel like I’m playing in the world…
Rather than just trying to survive it.

Now I've made it my mission teach others how to tap into their own personal magic…

Imagine What's Possible For YOU...

✨When you release that resistance inside (you know that feeling I'm talking about)
✨When you let go of all that and rediscover your own clarity and confidence
✨When you decide it's time to reclaim your personal power and embrace a harmonious mind, body, and spirit…

Your big dreams and goals are beckoning, ready for you to take the first step towards their realization.
Just waiting on you to remember your own power and curiosity and sense of magic in the world.

Imagine six months from now…

🌟You’ve discovered your ability to release resistance and tap into your inner magic.
🌟You’ve blown right past whatever used to hold you back before.
🌟Your life is filled with evidence of your own progress and personal power.
🌟You see the world as full of opportunity and inspiration and wonder.
🌟You’re consistently moving towards your goals – and you have the resilience to bounce back when you slow down.
🌟You feel confident, powerful, unstoppable.

Or you could be doing exactly what you’ve been doing up until now…

❌Still stuck in the same old patterns of thought, feeling, behaving, believing, and reacting.
❌Still hoping, wishing, dreaming for a better life, a happier you.
❌Still going in circles while you see others around you building the lives of their dreams.

Which one will you choose?


Embark on an enchanting journey of inner discovery with the "Inner Magic Mindful Journey." As you listen to this 25-minute mindfulness meditation, allow my voice guide you to a place of deep relaxation and inner tranquility. Together, we'll explore the magic of the present moment, uncover your true essence, and tap into the boundless power of your inner magic.

🧘‍♀️ Immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation as we cultivate focus, attention, and present moment awareness.
😌 Dissolve anxiety and stress, creating space for tranquility, clarity, and peaceful feelings.
✨ Tap into your boundless potential and unlock the magic of manifestation.
🌈 Release tension and worries, allowing your spirit to manifest your desires with ease.
💪 Overcome emotional and mental blocks, clearing the path for personal growth and empowerment.
💚 Nurture emotional balance to restore inner and outer harmony.



Go deep and tap into the wisdom of your highest self and radiate wonderfully positive energy to all areas of your life with the transformative "Radiant Chakra Reset" hypnosis session. In this 47-minute journey of self-discovery, we'll embark on a mystical exploration of your energy centers, cleansing, balancing, and rejuvenating your seven chakras.

My voice will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and mindful awareness as you feel the gentle waves of tranquility washing over you, preparing you for the sacred realm of quantum energy. As we restore harmony to your chakras, aligning your truest self with the universe, you'll unlock your inner magic and make yourself a magnet for the life you're dreaming about.

With the "Radiant Chakra Reset," together we will:

✔️ Harmonize with your truest self, unlocking your inner magic for manifestation.
✔️ Witness the alignment of the universe as your dreams effortlessly manifest.
✔️ Remove energetic blockages, restoring equilibrium to your energy centers.
✔️ Embrace the natural flow of abundance and manifestation, breaking free from stagnation.

Step into the flow of divine energy and experience the magic of deep inner alignment. It's time to embrace your limitless potential and let your radiant energy shine.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Absolutely magical!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Ready for magic!"


Discover the extraordinary power of immediate relaxation with "Instant Bliss." Infused with positive affirmations, this transformative 8-minute guided hypnosis session unlocks your inner magic and cultivates a profound sense of well-being.

Let my voice be your guide as we embark on a journey of autogenic training, a powerful technique that combines relaxation, visualization, and self-suggestion. Together, we'll release stress, tension, and anxiety, leaving you refreshed, revitalized, and ready to embrace a life filled with joy and serenity.

Benefits of "Instant Bliss" and autogenic training:

✔️ Naturally manage stress and anxiety, reclaiming control over your inner landscape.
✔️ Cultivate a deep sense of well-being, nurturing a balanced and harmonious life.
✔️ Reduce stress and anxiety levels, establishing a serene foundation for daily living.
✔️ Amplify feelings of calm and relaxation, creating space for your inner magic to flourish.
✔️ Improve the quality of your sleep, awakening refreshed and revitalized.
✔️ Enhance focus and concentration, unlocking your full potential in all areas of life.

Unleash the power of instant relaxation and experience the magic of autogenic training. Grab your "Manifest Magic Power Pack" now and instantly access the "Instant Bliss" MP3 on the same page. It's time to tap into your inner magic, unlock the gateway to a life filled with joy, peace, and serenity.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "It’s a crime I can only rate 5 stars."


Unleash the power of the Law of Attraction with this transformative 25-minute guided hypnosis session. Step into the realm of infinite possibilities and manifest the life you've always dreamed of.

Together, we'll embark on a captivating visualization journey that taps into your inner power and connects you with your deepest desires. By vividly imagining your ideal self, you'll activate your subconscious mind and set clear goals and intentions that propel you towards your dreams.

If you're ready to unlock your manifesting potential and transform your life, this powerful guided hypnosis is your key to manifesting your desires with ease and clarity.

Benefits of "Law of Attraction - Hypnosis to Manifest Your Dream Life":

✔️ Align your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations with your dreams.
✔️ Attract abundance and opportunities effortlessly.
✔️ Amplify your manifesting power and unlock unlimited possibilities.
✔️ Eliminate self-doubt and embrace a mindset of abundance and success.
✔️ Cultivate unwavering belief in your ability to manifest your desires.
✔️ Step into your role as the conscious creator of your reality.

Tap into the extraordinary power of your inner magic with the captivating Manifest Magic Power Pack. Get ready to experience a profound transformation as you embark on a magical journey where your wildest dreams come to life. Simply click "I want this!" to get instant access to all of these enchanting audio experiences today and let the magic unfold before your eyes.

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Four POWERFUL hypnosis audios to help you reconnect with your inner magic for only $7.77!

Inner Magic Mindful Journey MP3
(sold separately for $2.99)
Radiant Chakra Alignment MP3
(sold separately for $4.99)
(sold separately for $2.99)
BONUS: Manifest Magic Power Pack Guide
BONUS: Manifest Your Dream Life MP3
(sold separately for $3.99)

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